From Iceland to China, a look at some of the docs I have been working on in the past few years.    Please contact me if you have a project you feel passionate about and require an experienced hand to help you bring it to light.  


As a skilled 4K/HD Camera Owner/Operator I can bring a great eye for composition, steady hands, and a willingness to go that extra mile to get the shot.  I've filmed all over the world and welcome opportunities to help your project achieve the look you imagine.  


Whether you need basic colour balance in your video or want to change the look or mood of a scene with a full grade, I'm happy to lend a hand in HD, 2K OR 4K+.   It's always a good idea to collaborate with the Director and DOP before filming begins to ensure the best workflow for your needs. 

Colour grading services include:

Colour Correction, Grading shots and scenes to achieve specific moods or ‘looks’, removal or blurring of unwanted items in shot (including camera sensor dust, labels, licence plates, etc.)

Please give us a shout by email:  or call +44(0)7908020368