Camera and Editor for Batter My Heart, Tyfish Films 2015

Camera, Associate Producer for Tracing a Trooper  for TyFish films 2014

Camera, Associate Producer  for Letters to Ellen  for TyFish films 2013

Camera/Editor for A Man After My Own Heart about life long political activist Ernest Rodker 2012 TyFish Films

Camera/Editor for 'Inside Outer'  about London Artist Nigel Ellis  December 2011  TyFish Films

Director/Camera for NHK Japan's UK Premier League Football Weekly Show  April 2011

Director/Camera/Editor for  Kodawari Life Europe: Bialowieza, Europe’s Last Primeval Forest NHK-TV Japan.  Broadcast Oct. 2010  

Assistant Director for NHK feature documentary The Waterway Story 90min HDCam (about UK Canals) Aug. 2010   Broadcast Feb. 2011

Producer/Camera/Editor for University City Savages, a feature documentary shot in China.  Director: Wang Bang Mar. 2009 to April 2010

Associate Producer/Editor for The Doctors' Revolution about the Cuban health system. Director Michael Tynan Dec. 2009 TyFish Films 

Documentaries for  NHK Cosmo Media Europe (Japan's National Public Broadcaster, London Office)                 

Producer/Director  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Samso Island Energy Independent'  HDCam 20’ Broadcast January 2009 NHK

Producer/Director/2nd Camera  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Faroe Islands World Cup Dream' HDCam 20’ Bcst November  2008 NHK

Producer/Director/2nd Camera/Editor  Kodawari Life Europe: 'CCTV City of Surveillance' HDCam 20’ Bcst Sept. 2008 NHK

Producer/Director  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Integrated Education in Northern Ireland'  HDCam 20’ Bcst March 2008 NHK

Producer/Director  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Ballinderry River Project' HDCam 20’Bcst Dec. 2007 NHK

Producer/Director/2nd Camera Kodawari Life Europe: 'Saving Iceland' HDCam 20’ Bcst August 2007 NHK

Producer/Director/2nd Camera  Kodawari Life Europe: 'Return of the Wolves' HDCam 20’for NHK.  New version of previous film below. Bcst June 2007 NHK

Production Coordinator/Researcher for NHK Enterprises. FilmKodawari Life Europe: 'Firefighters Train Young Offenders' HDCam Bcst February 2007 NHK-TV Japan

Co-director, camera, editor Critical Mass documentary, 5 min. DVCam, 2005 

Director, camera, editor Good Fences Make Good Neighbours documentary, 8 min. DVCam, 2005 

Director, camera, editor  The Audiophile Club of Athens documentary, 20min. DVCam, 2006

Associate Producer, researcher and camera for The Sacred Run, The Lotus and the Feather documentary 16mm  55min filmed 1995 in Japan, completed 2002.   (  (director Andrea Sadler, Producer Vision TV)

Director, camera, editor Dog-u-mentally: A Guy and his (neigbour's) Dog 18min. miniDV   2000

Corporate and Charity Promos

Director/Camera/Editor  for over 100 Vodafone corporate videos 2015-2016

Director/Editor, Rhodes Trust 110th Anniversary Tribute 2013

Director, camera, Guangzhi City Tourist Promo for C-Cubed Media London 2012

Director, camera, editor, Seven Beach Aid  short documentary to support victims of Japan's tsunami 2012

Camera, Meridian Hill doc on International Baccalaureate schools 2012

Camera, Duane Morris (for Fletcher Wilson) 2011

Camera Insight Investments (for MDA Training) 2011

Director, camera, editor  Web Promo for AlterKeys 2011

Camera,  The Last River  WWF funded film about re-naturalisation of canalised rivers in the alps, documentary, HDV Sept-Oct 2006  (director Sam Wild) 

Camera,  The Return of the Wolf to Switzerland' documentary, HDV Oct. 2006  (director Sam Wild, Produced by WWF) 


Camera Operator/2nd DOP for The Thorn of the Rose (O Espinho da Rosa), a feature ghost story shot in Lisbon

Producer/Director/DOP/Editor for The Dream Cages  a feature fiction film shot in China. Jan. 2010- May 2011 

Writer, Director, Camera, Editor This is Serious and After the Snow Super 8mm, 1985 

Director and editor,  After Dinner Butterflies Fiction, 8 min. 16mm 1986 

Music, Theatre, Dance, Concerts and Events 

Camera for British Library’s Magna Carta Opening Night and Public Opening Feb. 2015

DOP/Camera for Itchy Teeth Marika Hackman Music video April 2014

Editor  'Fight Night'  for Loaded TV Jan. 2013

Director/Camera for A Moving Sound, WOMAD July 2012

DOP/Camera for Itchy Teeth Back in the Day Music video April 2011

Director/Camera/Editor for Concert footage for ABC Calypso July, August and October 2011 and August 2012

Director/DOP/Editor for The Fire Music video Nov. 2010  

Camera Op/Editor for Kazzum Children’s Theatre Blobs Nov. 2009 

Camera/Editor for dance production Tea With Me MiniDV, Kanazawa, Japan 2001 and Akio Suzuki/Junko Wada music and dance performance Japan 1996